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Revamped CO2 Removal Units based on HPC Processes

Leading the Way to a Greener Future since 1955

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Minimizing Carbon Footprint,
Empowering Operational Efficiency

Carbon Capture Technologies by Giammarco-Vetrocoke offer cost-effective Methods of Purifying CO2 rich Gas Stream, reducing GHG emission, and obtaining a pure Carbon Dioxide source available for many applications, or safe storage.

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Now more than ever Giammarco Vetrocoke is devoted to CO2 removal and CO2 Recovery from Gas Mixtures. 


Plants using GV Technologies Worldwide

Use of inorganic
based Non Toxic
 Solvent, easily available, cheap

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Heat recoverable for district heating

Possibility to run the plant with electricity only

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With over 70 years of expertise, Giammarco-Vetrocoke is a trusted industry leader in capturing CO2 from industrial emissions, effectively combating climate change. Our world-renowned solutions, based on our sustainable solvent (HPC), have been deployed successfully in over 400 installations worldwide.

Pioneering Engineering Solutions

Our Technologies

Powered by our eco-friendly solvent, Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC), our technologies achieve over 90% CO2 capture from flue gas and purity levels exceeding 99.5%.

We have developed several regeneration schemes tailored to the local cost and availability of utilities, with the primary goal of minimizing the overall cost of CO2 capture.

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Our Proficiency and Expertise Address Every Need in the CCUS Market


A Green and Economical

As the global focus intensifies on environmental sustainability, capturing CO2 emissions from industrial processes is becoming not only an ecological imperative but also an economically prudent choice. The rise in carbon taxes has accelerated the cost-effectiveness of implementing carbon capture technologies, incentivizing industries to adopt cleaner practices.

Biomass and Biofuel Industries

Waste-to-Energy Plants

Covering all of Heavy Industry Fields with

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Driving Innovation and Progress Across Various Industries

Hard to Abate Industries

Blue Hydrogen Production

Blue Ammonia Production

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*any waste heat source > 75°C

Unrivaled expertise in utilizing HPC solvents

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Carbon Tax Rates per Metric Ton of CO2e, as of March 31, 2023

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Mastering HPC

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With our unmatched expertise and understanding of the HPC solution, we can tailor our engineering solutions to our clients' unique needs, setting us apart as global leaders in the field. This capability is particularly valuable in the CCUS market, where various industries encounter diverse and specific requirements.

Our Proficiency and 
Expertise Address Every Need in the CCUS Market